Ways to Save: Repurpose The Things You Already Have

Do you consider yourself a resourceful person? Among the billions of people on this planet, not many would consider themselves resourceful people. But as times are tough and economies struggling, you have to at least try.

It doesn’t mean going full throttle, being overly stingy and not spend on anything at all. It just means only spending when it is necessary. This brings about the idea of repurposing things you’ve already used. If you’re feeling the tough economic times, then you too should be finding ways to repurpose.


Repurposing can be one of the best ways you can save money. Here are some of the things around you that you can use until they’re completely done. Continue reading to find out what items you can get more life out of.


Paper Bags

How many times have you looked at that brown paper bag you bought something in and thought it could be recycled? I’m guessing not too many times, right? Well, there are a lot of uses for these bags that you didn’t know about.


One way that you can repurpose paper bags is to place your unripe fruits in them so that they ripen faster. This works for almost all types of fruits that you can think of, from bananas to tomatoes. Some people tend to think that nylon bags are the best, but they capture moisture which doesn’t happen with paper bags. Your fruits will ripen faster without risk of rotting because of captured moisture when they are in paper bags.

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Aluminum Foil

Other than keeping your food warm and for storing food in the refrigerator, how else can your foil be helpful? Especially when you have already used it, how else can you make use of it? Well, there are a number of ways that you can make use of your used foil. One way is sharpening your scissors. Just fold the foil at least three times and cut using your scissor.


How about using it as a funnel? You didn’t think of that, did you? Like many people, you probably don’t have a funnel. Thankfully, used foil can act as a substitute.

Glass Jars

Glass jars can provide you with a number of creative ways to repurpose something that you have already used. First of all, you can use them to decorate your house. Making an old glass jar into a flower vase is just one of the most used methods. But you can also make a water candle to further make your home more lively.

You can also use the empty jar to collect grease from your kitchen. And you don’t have to throw away the jar after it’s filled with grease, you can just toss the grease in the garbage bin and reuse your jar again.


Do you just throw away your old newspapers? Well, it’s time you stopped that. In the winter, you can place your old newspaper on your windshield to protect it from frost.

How would you like to get bad smells from your shoes? Well, newspapers have a way of getting rid of bad smells quite easily. Just stuff some in your shoes and goodbye bad odor. You can use the same trick on your diaper bag as well.

Cardboard Tubes

Cardboard tubes are probably the most useless items in every household today. After you’re done with your tissue roll, that’s the first thing you throw away. However, you can make use of it as well. How about keeping your pants crease-free or organizing your cables? You can also easily label the tubes for even greater organization. These are just some of the most creative ways that you can use to recycle cardboard tubes.

Disposable Razors

Who likes those pills from sweaters and hats? No one. But how can you get rid of them easily? The pesky fabric balls can also happen to your t-shirts and your favorite scarves too. Well, do you have a disposable razor that you no longer have a use for? It can be put to use as well, by being assigned to remove the pills from your sweaters.



Learning ways to save is one of the best life skills that you can acquire in today’s world. You need to save as much as you possibly can to make do. So, when it comes to repurposing, this should be a skill that we all possess. These are just a few things that you have around you that you can repurpose for another use.

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