Terms of Use

Anzuz is a website that provides content related to finance by displaying news and promoting financial products and services. Anzuz exposes proposals from partner companies and financial groups, redirecting the user to the corresponding pages when relevant.

The site’s main objective is to bring the user closer to that product or service that best fits. The main products and services referenced are credit cards, financing, investments, and trends in the appreciation of the economy worldwide.

This Term of Use refers to the navigation of Anzuz website. It exposes the rights, obligations, and information relevant to doubts and conflicts that may arise from users and procedures in the event of disputes generated from navigation.

In this sense, the concept of “user” includes any individual or legal entity that visits Anzuz website for any purpose. Such visits may occur through a cell phone, tablet, personal computer, and by any internet browser or other possible means of access.

Accepting these Terms of Use arises from the visit to Anzuz website. The user declares his/her knowledge and commitment to the terms of this document from the moment of accessing the website. In disagreement, the user must stop browsing Anzuz and not enjoy the content and channels available.

User duties

By browsing Anzuz website, the user declares to be over 18 years of age and fully capable of responding to civil and criminal obligations. It is up to the user to refrain from browsing and using the content made available by Anzuz in the event of not meeting these minimum requirements.

Anzuz promotes the interaction and consumption of information and products from other websites, from disseminating projects and products and the redirection itself to the corresponding pages. However, these Terms of Use refer solely and exclusively to the operation of Anzuz.

Thus, Anzuz is not responsible for any interactions that the user may have with any of its partners. The choice to visit the page or even to subscribe to a product displayed on Anzuz is the user’s sole responsibility.

Anzuz also does not have access to any information eventually made available by the user to one of its partners. The interaction and/or contracting between partners and users are independent of Anzuz.

Visiting partner sites mentioned by Anzuz requires acceptance of each site visited’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. These Terms of Use refer solely and exclusively to visits to Anzuz and the content made available therein.

Anzuz is also not liable for any damages or alterations that the user’s system may suffer from visiting the website. The responsibility for the health of the operating system rests entirely with the user.

This must occur through the use of antivirus. Any viruses, malware, spyware, and other problems arising from the transfer of data and display of images and videos, in general, must be supported by the user.

The user cannot use the contents and channels made available by Anzuz to expose or harm third parties. In this case, the applicable penalties will be applied, civilly and legally. Anzuz disclaims any liability in this regard.

The same as in the previous paragraph applies in the case of any fraud, illegal act, or inappropriate use of the user’s navigation on Anzuz.

Anzuz's limitation of liability

Anzuz does not send emails to the user requesting personal information, mainly banking details and private investments. If the user receives any communication using Anzuz references, the website asks the user’s contact to get information.

Anzuz will do its best to prevent such a situation from happening again. Still, without departing from Anzuz, there is no liability.

If the user purchases any product or service from a partner, this relationship is established completely independently of Anzuz. Anzuz does not receive any personal information provided by the user to one of its partners. Also, for this reason, any conflicts arising from this contract are absolutely outside the power and interference of Anzuz.

Anzuz is also not responsible for any damages experienced by the user due to irregular navigation on the site or by acts of God or force majeure.

Intellectual property

Anzuz is protected by Intellectual Property law. Thus, the unauthorized and improper reproduction of any information, image, and content in general on the website may be penalized following current legislation.

For this purpose, all content made available on the site is included in Anzuz's intellectual property domain, except for references, links, and trademarks of partners.

To reproduce any material from the partners, the law of intellectual property and copyright applies in the same way. In this case, however, Anzuz disclaims any liability. The protection of the partners’ image and intellectual property is in the interest and responsibility of the respective holders of the right.

Term for validity and demand proposition

The present Term of Use is valid indefinitely and supports the maintenance of the website in a legal framework. The user must know the contents of the Terms of Use, together with the Privacy Policy, to enjoy the contents made available on Anzuz.

In addition, these Terms of Use may be amended at any time, at Anzuz's sole discretion and according to its needs. Users do not need to be notified of any changes. Such measure is in line with the duty of knowledge of the Terms of Use from the mere navigation by the user.

In the event of a conflict or divergence arising from browsing Anzuz, the user has a period of 90 days to file a judicial or administrative claim, counted from the day of the fact that generated the claim.

Conflict hypothesis

Arbitration proceedings must resolve any conflicts arising from the relationship established from the user’s visit to Anzuz through arbitration proceedings.

Also, in the event of a conflict, the content of this Term of Use must be interpreted in conjunction with Anzuz's Privacy Policy.


The terms of use are available to any users from the page https://anzuz.com/terms and must be known by the user together with the Privacy Policy, available on the page https://anzuz.com/privacy.

Finally, Anzuz provides a space for direct contact between the website and users through the channel anzuz.com/contact.

Anzuz believes in a harmonious relationship between the page and the user and requests that users enter contact through the channel available for questions, information, criticism, and other matters on the management of Anzuz.