8 Tips for Saving Money on Vacation

Who doesn’t like the idea of having some money to save whenever possible? Nobody, right?

We all know traveling is very costly, but, if you implement the right strategies, you can cut down on these costs.


The next time you are on your vacation, try out these eight tips, and your wallet will thank you.

Go for Free Activities

If you do a little research about your vacation destination, you will find lots of free activities. Check out the community calendar and see what will be going on within your area while you are still around.

You can do a self-guided tour and walk around to get familiar with the destination. Most museums have a “pay what you can” usually once a week, which you can enjoy for free.


Book a Room That Has a Kitchen with a Microwave and Refrigerator

Although some people’s idea of a vacation is not cooking at all, making breakfast in your room would be a great way of saving that extra dollar.

Room service is quite pricy, so consider making yourself a cup of coffee and a sandwich, and you will be good to go. If you don’t mind, you can cook yourself breakfast, lunch, and then go out for a heavy dinner. A fridge and microwave will help with leftovers.

Shop in Local Stores

Most local markets usually lower food prices towards the end of the day. Also, shopping in local stores allows you to have a real taste of local cuisines without having to part with the prices of a restaurant. You can buy some local fish and cook it in your condo. How cool is that?


Consider Your Location Before You Book

Consider staying in a central location because of transport. Ideally, you should consider somewhere where you can walk easily to most places. And, if you are staying in a city, will you be close to a bus stop or subway? Is it accessible? Consider all this before you book a room.

Carry Water and Snacks During Outings

If you travel with kids, remember to buy snacks as you go out exploring because they will get hungry, and the only shop open might be expensive. So, do yourself a favor and buy those granola bars from a local store at a subsidized price.

You have no idea how expensive it is buying bottled water when you could have purchased an entire carton at the same price. Carry your snacks and only splurge on locally made ones.

Utilize Your Miles or Points

Chain hotels such as Marriott and Hilton have reward systems that give you points for use when you stay there, and they are great for free overnight stays. To build on your points, ensure you only stay in those hotels and fly the same airlines.

Get a Hold of City Tourism Cards

Depending on the kind of card you get, you will get free entry to most visitor attractions, discounts on shops and restaurants, free public transportation, plus free guidebooks. Depending on your itinerary, this, of course, can save you a few bucks on your vacation.

Don’t Book the Best Room

Think about this: how long are you going to use this room anyway? Will you just be coming to sleep? Do you need a room with the best view? Are you looking for extra space?

What about the amenities, such as a fitness room or pool? Will you use them? Consider all this before you book your room.


If you are looking at saving a few bucks on your next vacation, consider these saving tips. But of course, this does not mean that you shouldn’t treat yourself and enjoy that vacation. Know when to splurge and when to save. Also, having a budget and sticking to it will help you save. Click here for more tips on managing money.

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