My Sun Life: How To Use Sun Life Mobile App To Manage Benefits

Investing is a huge part of life today, as nearly everyone is looking to supplement their income in one way or another. However, investing is just a small part of your needs. You also have to find a way to keep your investments in check. In other words, you need to find a good method to manage your investments.

Today, the need to hire people to manage your investments has decreased in the digital world. There are now several tools that you can use to manage your investments. With apps like Sun Life, you can be sure your benefits and investments are in good hands.


Below, we will detail how you can manage your investments through the app. In the rest of this article, you can find out more about the amazing Sun Life mobile app.

What Sun Life Is & What It Does

Before you can start using this app, you need to find out what it’s about and what it offers. First of all, Sun Life is a mobile app available on both iOS and Android operating systems. You can easily download the app through the Google Play Store and App Store.


The app is essentially a financial manager that lets you keep track of your various financial aspects. You can use the app to manage your workplace savings, view your investments, and manage other aspects of your financial life.

However, that app is most often used to submit claims. With this app, you can check your coverage and keep track of your insurance.

The good thing about having an app like Sun Life is that you can look at all of this at any time of day. Not being able to check on your insurance daily can leave you wondering if you’re covered. With the app, you have a sense of assurance that you can make claims for benefits through the app.


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How To Make A Claim On Sun Life

So, now that you know why you need the app on your phone, here’s how you can make a claim with it. First of all, you need insurance before you can make any claim with the app. Once you are sure you have coverage, you can proceed to download the app.

Sign Up

You need to sign up for Sun Life before you can do anything more. Visit the Sun Life website or the app and begin your sign-up process. Signing up is quite easy and shouldn’t take a lot of time.


Go to the benefits part of the app and click on my claims. Here, you can submit your claims and have them noted. After you choose the claim you want, follow the simple instructions there, and you’ll be done in a few minutes.

Track Your Claim

After your claim has been made successfully, you can also keep track of it through the app. To do this, click on the "keep track of your claim" option when you open the specific claim you’ve made on the app.

More From Sun Life

You don’t have to use the app only to claim and manage your benefits. This specific app can also be used to make contributions on the go, view your workplace savings, check retirement plans, and find healthcare providers around you.

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For years, managing benefits has been the toughest aspect of having insurance. You had to make the claim physically, which would take time in most cases due to lines and commuting. Today, with the help of apps like Sun Life, you can easily locate healthcare providers, file your claim, and manage your benefits from your phone.

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