How To Buy Discounted Tickets With Skyscanner

Saving is one thing that almost everyone wants to do at some point in their lives. Whether for future purposes or for short term gain, most people could use some extra money. Hence saving is a practice that, though hard to master, everyone wants to embrace. And, it all starts with finding discounts.

Getting flight tickets is not different. However, as much as you'd want to travel, you want to spend the least possible amount to get that ticket. Today, you have service providers like Skyscanner that can help you get discounts on tickets for your travels.


Figuring out how to get discounted tickets is the part that most people find really challenging. Here, you'll learn more about just how you can get those discounts on tickets through Skyscanner. Read on to find out more info and other services you may not have known Skyscanner provides.

Broaden Your Options

When you're trying to get a ticket for cheap, you may have to open up your options a little bit. One way you can do this is by checking flights through a variety of airports that are nearby each other. You may find that one airport has significantly lower rates.

At times you may just assume that they all charge the same without going into details of it. But then, when you use Skyscanner, you can find nearby airports and see just how much you'll have to pay from the different airports to your destination.


You also have an option to pick out the airports from which you don't want to fly from and only compare the ones you want.

Being Disloyal Is Acceptable

You obviously want to book a return ticket with the airline you're going out with, right? It's human in most cases to want to avoid the struggle and just book a return ticket, but have you ever thought that 'that deal' may not be a deal after all? You probably think it's a deal because it is hectic trying to figure out prices.

With Skyscanner, when you make that search, unlike Google and other search engines, you get the best deal since it will go through all airlines. With that in mind, you can go with one airline and return with another one. Being disloyal in this case may save you cash.


Be Flexible

In most cases, what makes a number of travelers not get discounts is that they aren't flexible about their mode of travel. When their mind is set up on a particular airline, they want to stick to it no matter what. You won't save with that kind of attitude when it comes to flying.

When you're flexible and can fly on whatever airline you get the chance to, you're likely to save. For example, you are in need of a last-minute flight, chances are if you favor one airline above the others, you will have to part with over odds payment.

But if you're willing to fly on any airline that has space, you will get a discount. For last minute flights, use the Skyscanner 'Search Everywhere' tool to find the best possible deals.

Be Patient

It can be hard being patient when you want to travel. You likely want to travel now, but that won't get you any deals/ Thus, you may have to be patient and wait a little bit longer.

Log on to your Skyscanner app and search for your destination then press the Alarm Bell icon. With this, when flight prices soar up or reduce, you'll receive a notification about it.

With this kind of trick on Skyscanner, you're unlikely to miss a good deal as you can book that flight as soon as you get the notification on your phone that prices dropped.


Getting a deal on your travels can seem a tedious task when you don't know where to start. A number of people start from search engines which can be exhausting. If you use Skyscanner, you're likely to get the best deals and save money on your trips. Check out Skyscanner today!

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