RCS Credit Card - How to Apply?

Do you find it tiring to spend too much money while shopping? Are you currently looking for a credit card that can give you an advantage when it comes to shopping or online retail purchases? If that's the case, you should look no further than the RCS Credit Card.

The RCS Credit Card can be used in almost every retail partner and establishments all over the world. It can also be used to access a myriad of exclusive offers and promotions.

If this looks and sounds like a great deal to you, check out the article below to learn more about the RCS Credit Card and how you can apply for this credit card today.

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Benefits and Features of the RCS Credit Card

The RCS Credit Card is loaded with benefits and features for those who want to go shopping and use the card for many transactions and purchases.

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The credit card is accepted in many establishments inside and outside of South Africa.

If you have this credit card, you will never have to pay with cash ever again when you go out shopping.

Discover more benefits and features when you choose to pay with RCS Credit Card.


Shop Anywhere You Like

The RCS Credit Card is accepted in all establishments all over South Africa and the rest of the world wherever MasterCard is accepted.

This means that you can go around the country or the rest of the world with this credit card and still use it to pay for your purchases and transactions.

You don't have to worry about withdrawing cash now that your card is readily accessible.


Get Affordable Monthly Installment Packages

Repayment of the credit that you borrowed can be complicated but the RCS Credit Card makes it a lot easier for cardholders.

With this card, you now have different kinds of affordable monthly installment packages. These packages include 6, 12, 18, 24, 36, and revolving monthly repayment plans.

The versatility of the installment packages allows you to modify your budget from time to time making sure you can pay your balance on time.

Manage Your Card Easily With the Mobile Banking App

The RCS Credit Card also has a mobile banking app where you can manage your account better.

The app features different options for you to link your account, enable payment options that are convenient for you, and allow you to take full control of the account.

You can receive your monthly statement and check every transaction that you make so you can fully monitor your account.

Interest Rates and Other Charges

The RCS Credit Card has a variable APR for purchases and other transactions depending on your creditworthiness.

Many people have reported to have around 22.25% APR for purchases. The best part about having this amazing credit card is that you get up to 55 days free of interest suited for your shopping spree.

You can check all of their charges when you visit the official website or when you apply.

Check These Requirements Before You Apply

If you're interested in applying for the RCS Credit Card, you should look into delving deeper into what the card is all about.

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You can check out the official website to learn more about the other features of the card. You should be 18 years and older when you apply for the card and you must have a South African ID or driver's license to apply.

Applicants are encouraged to provide proof of income documentation and have an income of R3,000 or more per month.

The bank will also require you to submit your latest payslips and bank statements as part of the requirements before you apply.

Contact Details You Need to Know

If you have inquiries or want to know more about the card, you can contact their customer support through the hotline at 0861 729 727.

You can also visit their main office located at 6 Golf Park, Raapenberg Road Western Cape, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7700 South Africa.

You can also send them mail through P.O. Box 111, Goodwood, 7459.

How to Apply for the RCS Credit Card

The application process of the RCS Credit Card is very simple especially once you have already completed your requirements.

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You can apply by personally visiting any local branches in your area or you can apply online.

The official website allows you to directly apply for the card for more convenience. Here are the steps to apply for the RCS Credit Card online.

Start Your Application

Head over to the official website and click on RCS Credit Card. Choose Apply and you will be asked a few simple questions to start the application.

You will get a response within a few minutes and if you are provisionally approved, you can proceed to the next step of the online application.

Complete Your Application

Fill out the online application form with your details and upload the required documents.

Make sure that you review the online application form for spelling errors to avoid delaying your application and approval.

You also need to review the terms and conditions of the credit card so you can have a better understanding of what the card is all about. Once done, click on Submit to submit your application.

Card Delivery and Activation

Once approved, your card will be delivered to you via a courier within the next few business days. It will be sent to the address that you have entered during the application.

When you receive your new RCS Credit Card, you will need to contact customer support to activate your card and set your new PIN.

After that, you should be able to use your card immediately and start shopping.


There are a lot of good things to say about the RCS Credit Card. It can be used to purchase a wide variety of goods and services and with the mobile banking app, you gain full control of your credit card. If you're looking for an easy-to-use credit card when shopping, make sure that you have the RCS Credit Card in hand.

Note: There are risks involved when using credit card products. Be sure to consult the terms and conditions first. 

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