US Market Futures: How To Keep An Eye On The Market

Keeping an eye on the market is something that all investors and potential investors have to do. The market fluctuates and that can be a challenge if you’re not mindful of it. During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of investors have been caught off guard.

Keeping an eye on the market doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a notification center where you get all the information you need without even asking for it. You have to find the right way to be in the loop without overwhelming yourself with unnecessary information. After all, the stock market can be quite complicated.


The US market, and others across the globe, have been severely affected by the pandemic. All you can do now is keep an eye on the market futures. The future of the market, though at the moment doesn’t look promising, is going to get better. So, how exactly can you keep an eye on the market, at least for the future?

market futures

The US Market

Before you get an insight into what the market looks like and what the future holds for you, you should know about the market. The US market is of the most trusted markets in the world today and one everyone wants to trade in it. Currently, the market is not performing well due to the current global COVID-19 Pandemic.


Keeping An Eye On The Market

When you’re trying to keep an eye on the market you need to pay close attention to the current factors that affect the market. They either affect the market directly or indirectly. For example, bad weather conditions can at times cause the market to panic and lose value, indirectly.

Currently, the pandemic has hit the market hard and it has shown no sign of slowing down. These are factors are the ones that have no financial bearing yet still have an impact on the market long term. If a lot of businesses are hit, the market gets closed so stocks do not lose their value any further.

What happens is that when there is trouble, like a global disaster, some investors pull out their money from the market. Those with stocks tend to mass-sell since they want money they can use. You can’t use stocks to buy stuff in the normal market; you need cash.


When there’s mass-selling, the stock being sold is usually not sold for the market value. They go for cheap, hence hitting the value of the company. These are some of the things you should be keeping an eye on when it comes to the stock market.


When you’re keeping an eye on stocks, ensure you also take a look at the under-appreciated bonds. This market is quite unappreciated due to the fear of the unknown and failure to understand what the pandemic is all about. That shouldn’t be you, however. When there’s less value on stocks, bonds should be your next bet.

The good thing is that you’re assured of some profit margin when it comes to a bond, unlike stock where it can all crumble. It, however, takes more time to yield rewards when you’re looking at bonds, unlike stocks. But the assurance of your money being ‘safe’ is a major perk, especially during these times.

Good Stock

Just like anything else, there is a good part of stock and the other side which isn’t as good, though you can’t necessarily classify it as bad. When it comes to the stock market, you have to be careful with how you invest your money. The good stock is likely to be the big companies, even if they are at a low today.

When the market is back on its feet and all is back to normal, chances are the company can recover and go back to their best. If the company has had a stable look for the last couple of years, this should be one you look at. When it finally recovers you should be part of those that gained.

market futures


The financial market is one of the most unpredictable markets in the world. If you don’t keep a close eye on it, you’re likely to lose a lot of your investment. The US market is one that needs a lot more attention when you’re investing due to the unpredictable nature of it. Keeping an eye on the good stocks and even bonds can help you stay afloat.

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