Tips For Surviving A Job Rejection

Maybe you have made it through a series of interviews, and you are now looking forward to starting your new job. Unfortunately, sometimes the much-dreaded email comes in; you didn’t get the job. The feeling one goes through after receiving such a rejection is just awful; however, life still has to move on.

There is more to life than work, so don't be too tough on yourself when you don't get the job you were hoping for. A rejection should ideally be a motivation even to work harder and apply for more jobs. After all, being rejected in one position does not mean you can’t be accepted in another one.


If you just got bent down for a career, you may not be feeling your best. However, you are not alone. Now is the time to keep moving forward! To get you started, here is what you ought to do when you get a rejection response.


Give Electronics A Break

We don’t say this lightly; give your computer, tablet, and phone a break for now. It’s time to process the shortcoming and ask yourself where it is you went wrong. Never make the mistake of venting on social media; we cannot stress this enough. This is a time to give Facebook, Instagram, and twitter a break altogether.


If you are feeling disgruntled about not receiving the position you thought you should, the last thing you want to do is bash the company that turned you down online. It could hurt your chances of being hired or interviewed by other companies. No one wants to be associated with a drama queen. If you want to vent, keep it off social media.

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Talk With Your Friends And Family

People deal with rejection differently. However, everyone needs someone to support them in times like this. Your support system might be your family or friends. Regardless of who it is, reach out and talk to them. Experts say that sharing one’s issues helps them cope with the frustrations that come with it. An outside party may be able to share insight or advice that could be extremely useful to you.


Get Over It

Take some time alone and do what you enjoy. Go to the spa, get a makeover, go for a walk, take a road trip, whatever it is that makes you happy - do it. But afterward, get over it. One mistake most people make is to blame themselves for failing instead of encouraging themselves and moving on. Take a minute to get over the shortcoming and then promptly move forward.

Review The Process

Look back on your application process and ask yourself what went wrong. Was this the ideal job for you? Were you qualified for it? Did you write your cover letter well? Consider the factors that may have led to you not getting the job. Look for ways to improve on your next job application.

Respond To Your Recruiter

After you have accepted the outcome and have taken everything in, it is time to reach out to your recruiter or interviewer. Be as graceful as possible; thank them for the opportunity and let them know that you are interested should another opportunity ever come up again. If possible, ask for feedback.

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Bottom Line

The truth is that overcoming rejection is not easy. However, how you deal with it is ultimately up to you. That being said, it would be best if you were emotionally stable enough to take it as an opportunity to reflect and improve.

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