Signs Your Parents Are Getting A Divorce

It can be shocking to hear that your parents are going to get a divorce, even though you might have seen it coming. However, more often than not, divorces are totally unexpected, especially to the children. When a couple is married, they make a vow to be with each other for life. Nonetheless, life happens, and some couples just can't stay together.

If you feel there is something wrong with your parents, maybe there is. Experts advise parents to prepare their kids psychologically if they are going to divorce. However, this does not come easy for most parents because they want to protect kids and keep them out of the conflict.


If you feel like there may be tension between your parents, here are the red flags that indicate that your parents are on the verge of getting a divorce. Knowing the signs will help you prepare yourself for whatever comes next. Continue reading so that you are not caught off-guard.


Your Parents Only Discuss Business Matters

You probably are used to your parents having open talks concerning family, finances, children, meals and so on. However, if suddenly the topics have changed, and all they talk about is paying bills, school fees and stuff like that, there could be a problem. If this ever happens to your parents, it could be that they no longer have anything in common to talk about.


They Are Always Away From Each Other

This is another sign indicating that your parents are soon signing divorce papers. When they are spending most of the time away from each other, something is probably not right. Agreed, all couples fight, and it's normal for them to want to be alone sometimes. However, when this becomes routines, it’s a sign that things are going south for your folks. If they don't ever seem to want to be in the same room, there could be issues in the marriage.


Well, being a workaholic is not bad, but it’s never a good sign if your parents spend too much time at work. Ignoring the dinners they used to have together with you or fun activities they used to do together is a sign that something is up. If you see this happening, take note; it could be a sign that things have changed in your parents' relationship. 

Arguing All The Time

It's very healthy to have disagreements now, and then. However, when a couple excessively argues all the time, it might be a red flag. When your parents argue all the time, know they might be headed for a divorce. When they argue over something as small as what to eat or where to go on holiday, it might a sign of divorce.


Spending Nights Apart

You may often see parents sleeping in separate beds, sometimes one sleeps in the bedroom and another one on the couch. Sooner or later, they may even sleep in separate houses. Whereas it's healthy for this to happen due to health issues, if it becomes routine, it might be that they are tired of each other and probably headed for a divorce.


Bottom Line

Having parents going through a divorce can be tricky, traumatizing, and it usually affects children greatly. It is no wonder that some children never recover from this trauma. If you are confused about the state of your folk’s marriage, it's better to watch out for the red signs. More often than not, they become louder with time. If prepare your mind for when the worst happens, you will already know how to handle it.

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