3 Steps Out of Debt and Into Wealth

Debt is something that almost everyone, from the rich to the poor, has in common today. Gone are the days when you could survive without a little bit of debt.

As much as that is the case, there’s good debt, and there is bad debt. Good or reasonable debts are the ones that you have with a clear vision of when you can pay them off. In other words, debts for which you have the money to get out of.


Then, there are bad debts, the kinds that you find hard to pay off. This doesn't always mean you can’t pay, but you have no clear timeline for paying it off, and hence, it incurs interest. That only adds to the stress of that debt, further plunging you into a financial crisis. So, how can you get out of debt and move into wealth? Read on to find out.

Getting out of debt is easier than you think.

Assess the Debt

First and foremost, you have to assess the debt and find out how much you owe. The damage that the debt will cost you should be calculated well before getting into trying to pay it. Find out how much interest you’ve incurred with the debt and how much time you have to pay it off. 

While assessing, you may be tempted to take in more debt to pay off the first, but don’t. All the debt you incur will come with different terms and different interest rates. You don’t want to find yourself in a position where you now have to pay off two debts. 


Find Out the Root of Your Debt

If you want to clear off a problem in its entirety, you have to find out the root of it and start there. Debts are a problem if you don’t know what caused them. You can’t get into the wealthy status if you don’t address the problem you have with your debt. 

Be honest with yourself about what the real problems are, and address them. So, where did all this debt you incurred come from? What were you buying that you couldn't afford? If you can’t answer these questions, then there is a problem. You need to be able to say precisely where the money you borrowed went to. If it was into your business, it should pay off itself. 

Don’t Do It Alone

Most things are quite easy to do if you have a team to back you up. Getting out of debt is the type of thing that often requires you to work with someone else, like an advisor. At times, it may be hard for you to be entirely honest with yourself about how to get rid of that debt, but your team will not let you give up. 


Also, the team will come up with great ideas of how to do away with your debt in creative ways you might never have thought of. Two heads are better than one in these scenarios. Also, remember to involve your family in tracking the family debt, in order to get rid of it, as well. 


Stepping out of debt and into wealth requires dedication, persistence, and teamwork. It can’t be done overnight, but it sure is achievable if you put your mind to it.

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